Mawfeer Khan
Home: Sri Lanka
Age: 20
Style: Freestyle
Kiting Since: 2009
Growing up on the Kapalady Lagoon in Sri Lanka, Mawfeer lived in a palm leaf hut, his father a fisherman, his family very poor. That all changed when kiteboarding entered his life.

Due to the civil war, there was no tourism in the region — until a couple of foreign kiters began sessioning the lagoon. Given the incredible conditions, they returned regularly. Fascinated, Mawfeer would always watch from afar. Something ignited within him. One day he built his own kite out of a broken umbrella and fishing line, along with a board he made out of cardboard. Disheartened after the rig didn’t work, Mawfeer threw it all away in frustration.

Even though he couldn’t speak English, soon after Mawfeer courageously approached the kiters. They ended up showing him how to assist in launching, landing, and rigging —eventually teaching him how to kite. Before long, the group started the first kiteboarding camp in Sri Lanka, where Mawfeer began working in the kitchen. Since then Mawfeer has built his family a house, pays for his little brother to go to school in Colombo (Sri Lanka’s capital city), and he is a certified IKO instructor at Kitesurf Lanka in Kalpitya.

While Mawfeer has a big heart, also absolutely kills it on the water. Having ridden and tested ZIAN kites since the beginning, he has developed a unique, high-energy style. Influenced and inspired by the countless kiters that flock to Sri Lanka for long seasons of 24-hour wind, Mawfeer’s riding is raw, fearless and creative, combining and adapting tricks into a seamless dance that regularly leaves bystanders speechless.

Reno Heier
Home: Lives in Australia (from Estonia)
Style: Freestyle and Megaloops
Kiting Since: 2010
When the wind is blowing extremely strong, you can find Reno throwing down insane megaloops at his favourite kiting spot in Perth: Woodman Point. 30+ knots seem to put the biggest smile on Reno’s face, and deliver the biggest adrenaline rush — which he lives for. In fact, Reno is so dedicated to kiting that most of his time off the water is about kiteboarding too. Leading a super healthy lifestyle, Reno regularly hits the gym, eats vegan, and when there is no wind he spends as much time as he can in the surf — all so he can stay fit for kiting and endure some intense crashes.


Sabrina Lohn
Home: Germany
Age: 21
Style: Freestyle
Kiting Since: 2012
Learning to kiteboard was the best decision Sabrina ever made. It changed her life. Kiting makes her feel like she can do anything, and it’s a soothing complement to the stress of working in a bank. Living in a small village outside Hamburg, Sabrina enjoys the community aspect of the sport. In fact, she met some of her best friends through kiting. Driven to try new tricks every session, Sabrina loves being inspired and influenced by friends. “There is nothing like the feeling of landing a new trick, or riding until the sun sets,” she says. Currently, Sabrina is on a mission, traveling the world to train in exotic locations such as Brazil and Sri Lanka.

Amine Roussafi
Home: Morocco
Age: 27
Style: Strapless wave-riding, freestyle/wakestyle
Kiting Since: 2006
With a legendary windsurfer as his older brother, it’s no surprise that Amine turned out to tear it up on the water too. After learning to windsurf and teach, Amine gave kiteboarding a try, and found his sport. Within just a few months, he was unhooking and doing advanced handle pass moves. Having competed at world tour stops for a number of years, Amine teaches kiteboarding as well. A big-time waterman, Amine loves surfing, freestyle kiteboarding, and kite surfing. Most recently he has been focusing on strapless wave riding.

Mariska Wildenberg
Home: Netherlands
Age: 25
Style: Freestyle and wave-riding
Kiting Since: 2007
While Mariska is into just about every outdoor sport there is, her favourite is kiteboarding. Whether she’s riding in shallow water with steady winds, in 5-meter waves on a stormy day, or competing against the most talented competitors imaginable, Mariska loves it all! When not studying, she enjoys the freedom, fun and challenge of kiteboarding with friends and traveling the world. Mariska’s favourite kite is the Hantu, which delivers great freestyle capabilities and quick relaunch — the perfect combination for any rider trying new tricks.

Jesse Bruinsma 
Home: Netherlands
Age: 23
Style: Freestyle
Kiting Since: 2007
For Jesse, kiteboarding is all about freedom and fun on the water — especially riding with friends, pushing each other’s abilities to the next level. Enthusiastic, positive, and stoked to help people, Jesse enjoys the challenge of adapting to changing conditions, and sharing a post-session sunset with great company. Also into snowboarding and skateboarding, Jesse’s home spot is Slufter Bay and Browersdam.

Zian uses SBS101 Double Ripstop canopy from Sakai Techfibre (Japan).

Sakai Techfibre (Japan) is home in the top end acrobatic paraglider and spinnaker fabrics which are manufactured exclusively by Sakai Ovex in Japan. For their SBS101 double ripstop kite canopy they use high tenacity polyester yarn manufactured by Toray Japan exclusively for Techfibre. Toray Japan is a multinational corporation specialized in polymer chemistry. This makes SBS101 the ONLY full Japanese canopy on the market.
 The canopy production is based on a new process that gives multiple benefits over conventional canopy.
The quality consistency from batch to batch is of a level we have not seen before. Special attention is taken to avoid “chalking” of the canopy after some use, a visual problem seen on many kites on the market. Rather than one sided coating, SBS101 has adopted a double sided multilayer coating technology for longer airproof canopy